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K27 Forever

Posted by Etienne du Vair on

Some grow up in a big city with thousands of people. No real personal connection with the community and those around them. No personal interaction between the public and local law enforcement. Others, grow up in small towns. Towns where everyone knows each others names and small businesses are a way of life. No matter where you come from, a tragic event such as the loss of Sgt. Greg Moore will always hit hard in the community. In May of 2015, the city of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho experienced an event that has become all too common. Sgt. Greg Moore was killed in the line of duty. The mayor and community have come together to try to raise money for a memorial. This is not only for Sgt. Moore, but all law enforcement lost. They have set up a page for donations and we wanted to help spread the word of this wonderful event. The Monument will start with three waterfalls leading to a stream representing the "Thin Blue Line." At the end of the stream is a sitting area that will allow those who come to visit to pay their respects. For more information and to donate Click here!

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